Common reasons people may seek counselling and psychotherapy are when dealing with;



 Sex and Relationship Issues 

 Gay and bisexual difficulties and concerns

 Struggling with identity, purpose or meaning in life 

 Bullying, verbal, emotional and physical

 Abandonment, Loss and Bereavement

 Overwhelming sadness or feelings of hopelessness and low self worth

Why have counselling and psychotherapy?

When you feel you have been suffering from depression, anxiety, struggling with your sexuality, been bullied, have relationship issues or finding your moods overwhelming and difficult to manage, then counselling and psychotherapy is a way to explore your thoughts at a deeper level in a safe confidential space with the support of a therapist. Together you are able to begin to look for some understanding.  When you are able to understand yourself better, you are able to start the process of change and find ways to be your most authentic self.

Finding it difficult to talk about your feelings?

75% of suicides in the UK during 2017 were men and statistically men under the age of 45 are more likely to die from suicide than any other cause of death.    Working with both men and women, I would encourage anyone that may feel they are struggling, or finding life difficult, to reach out to talk to someone. Counselling and psychotherapy is a safe space where we can do this without any judgement or interpretation, however if your situation is critical, please call the emergency services 999, the Samaritans 116 123 or your local district Crisis Team.

To arrange a counselling appointment call Nathan on 07968 806 301 or email nathan@folkestonecounselling.co.uk

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